Summertime in style

We talked about what makes our scarves an ideal year-round accessory and the characteristics of cashmere in the spring clean out blog

As we head into summertime here in northern Europe, I would like to share some ideas on how to wear your cashmere shawl even when the temperature is rising and you might think that the scarf season is over.

Believe me, when the sun goes down, layering with a cashmere wrap is the perfect solution - it's breathable, lightweight and adds an immediate sense of style no matter what outfit you choose for the day. The softness of the yarn is such a welcome characteristic of cashmere as opposed to harsh linen and the heaviness of cotton.

For those living in much warmer climate, when it is hot outside and air conditioned inside, draping a layer of cashmere over the shoulders or knees will offer the comfort you need. And it’s easy to carry in your bag when you visit a shopping mall, go to the theatre or have dinner in a restaurant. My friends in Singapore would know what I mean!

How to style your cashmere scarf in summer


A cashmere wrap is also the perfect summer wedding accessory.  A great alternative to a jacket, but without the hassle of carrying an extra garment. Not to mention that it's the perfect wedding gift!

So next time you go out and the sun is not too hot, don't forget to carry your cashmere wrap. The lightness in weight makes it one of the most comfortable fibres to wear even when temperatures are warm.

Let caro hug you this summer, too!