Our Product

caro collections of limited pieces for both men and women go beyond seasons and trends. 

Our premium cashmere scarves are handwoven for a luxuriously soft handle and are made with the dedication and the skills of local artisans through an entirely handmade process.  

caro designs offer a contemporary look and also feels comfortable to wear, regardless of the weather. The insulation properties of cashmere, its thermal regulation and the natural comfort make our scarf an ideal year-round accessory. 

With our collections of timeless designs, we enforce our sustainable approach by creating a lifetime product. We use pure cashmere and natural materials, like coconut shell buttons for our silk pouches and pure cotton threads for our signature embroideries. All biodegradable. 

caro cashmere originates in the high altitude plains of Western Himalayas in Ladakh. The particular climatic conditions make this light and soft fibre very rare and precious. The purity of the yarn and the long and thin fibre section we use in our collections (between 14 and 18 microns) guarantee the finest quality and durability.

Inspired to be held and hugged close to your skin, caro scarves are made to last.  

Follow our wash and care  tips to make them look their best season after season. 


We ground our work in the appreciation of ancient practices while creating simple geometries in the designs - Rossana Cazzato, Director