When summer leads to a moodboard inspiration

Running my own business as a full time mum, often I end up in not really having full vacation and not really having full working days.

These last few weeks I have been busy working on the launch of my web store and also managed to travel with my family in my all-time best travel destination: Italy. I also visited Greece for the first time in my adult life.

I planned the trip in Greece with a dear friend I met when I lived in South Africa. A very proud Greek, a great baker and the best travel and food guide you can hope for.

We spent a couple of days in the busy and dynamic Athens followed by a stay in the charming and calm island of Sifnos. The harmonic and beautiful landscapes, the colors of the buildings, the crystal blue water and the wild nature along with the simple and exquisite food, offered the best frame to great and fun days with my friend.

After the Greek days, I decided to explore a bit more of my own region, Puglia, the hill of Italy as you look at it as a boot. Italy offers such a variety of landscapes, culinary experiences, people and places.

In Puglia, small geographical distances unveil unthinkable differences in the way people talk, cook and interact. I always found this very fascinating, as it shows how traditions and history have made an impact to these days.

What I like most when I travel is to get inspired by local architecture and heritage as well as by the nature and its colors. Particularly in Italy, they don’t simply represent beauty, they are our historic landscape.


A visit at the National Archaeological Museum in Taranto with the geometry of the gigantic Roman mosaics; a stroll in the narrow roads of Ostuni, with its white houses and cactus plants – which I love – and a drive across the routes of olive trees discovering ancient masserie are some of the visual inspirational feeds from this trip.

As I’m back working on the final details of the web shop, I can’t wait to share those images and ideas with Ritesh, my creative Director, and see how to get our creative juices flowing.