What's in a name?

May is the month of the rose, the queen of all flowers.

The scent and the beauty of roses have enchanted for centuries, including Shakespeare's popular reference to his play Romeo and Juliet. 

 “What's in a name? That which we call a caro scarf by any other name would be as dear.”

Would caro be as soft and beautiful with any other name?

Probably yes, but I have fond memories on how this name was created. Initial discussions started in South Africa, during a lunch with dear friends in Pretoria. I still keep the notes from that day, full of logo suggestions and words that unfortunately never made it to the final decision.

caro was actually proposed by my dad. Even if he was worried about this new venture, about the idea of me traveling alone in India, he still came with the most brilliant suggestion. Take the first two initials of my full name and swap the order.... Rossana RO Cazzato CA... CARO.... that was it.

It sounded simple, short and easy to read in many languages. He also pointed out that caro means "dear" in Italian, it would make people associate it to something that embraces and hugs, just like a "dear" friend.

And today, our whole brand rotates around this concept, we want our customer to feel cuddled by wearing our scarves that truly hold and support through all periods of time.


Since I partially quoted her, I would have loved to ask Shakespeare's Juliet about the color as well. Would a rose be as beautiful in any color?


This is instead an important element that gives value to our cashmere and inspire our designs. Color has the power to evoke every type of feeling and creates an emotional connection. At caro we have chosen to use neutral palette of colors -  timeless and transeasonal. 

Starting from our collection, in May we will pair each scarf with the chromatic characteristics that enhance the person who wants to wear it. We will do this according to armocromiaa discipline that studies people's chroma, analysing hair, eyes and skin complex when searching for the ideal palette for each individual.

Together with an an Italian expert consultant in armocromia, we joined in a unique project to help our customers find the ideal caro scarf for their specific skintone and colors. We are extremely enthusiastic about both the collaboration and the results that we will make avaliable on our Instagram in the "Armocromia" highlights as well as our webshop very soon. I truly enjoyed this experience and hope that you will, too. 


Let caro and our colors enhance you!


We will pair each scarf with the chromatic characteristics that enhance the person who wants to wear it.