The way we were

As a small business owner, sometimes I miss the daily interaction with people and with my team, who operates in another continent.

This has driven me to travel to India as much as possible and to participate to various fashion fairs and events in Paris, London and Florence.

This season, in order to keep safety as the top priority, the fashion world went digital with live-streamed shows and events. The financial impact of the pandemic for a $2.5 trillion global industry who relies on traveling and networking has been dramatic. Will the fashion industry ever be the same again?

Many designers have shared stories of how lockdown had shaped their businesses and many engaged in sustainable messages and are calling for us to produce and consume less. 

I asked our Creative Director Ritesh to share his experience with us: "At the time of lockdown, I realised my artistic soul needed pause and reflection. Sure thing, numbers in business took a hit but it was more like a reset button which refreshes a system. Today fashion rotates around market seasons and therefore it chases inspiration and creativity at a very fast pace. This system is demanding us designers to produce our product lines on time and before our collections even hit the markets, we are expected to present creative ideas for the following season. Pandemic served as a playtime for creative juices to secrete with less pressure and hopefully would help make the process more mindful and sustainable".

While Ritesh has been collecting his thoughts and found inspiration during the lockdown, I have been working on reinforcing caro digital presence. Together and continents apart, we have been creating a new collection of cashmere scarves. The journey in the past months has been long and we are really proud of launching the collection very soon. 

We also hear the call for sustainability by providing a product of high quality that is durable and timeless.