The Secrets of Couture


One of the core elements of my business is the material we use.

The visual appeal of its texture and its softness makes cashmere a rare and precious fiber. Our in-house innovative weave patterns and designs, the handmade details and the work of our weavers in Ladakh make our range of 100% cashmere scarves a true couture collection.

The word couture means sewing in French, and derives from the Latin word consutura, which means art of sewing. Couture encompasses the handmade process of individual garments, the knowledge of the craft, the high quality material that makes every piece unique.

I have recently been visiting an exhibition in Stockholm “The Secrets of Couture” at the Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum.

Presenting garments from French houses, along with some contemporary as well as experimental Swedish designers, the exhibition intended to raise questions on the meaning of couture in the contemporary fashion climate and suggested how traditional craftsmanship can be combined with emerging demands like sustainability and environment. Lots of reflections indeed.

The visual impact and the classic elegance of some of the garments displayed, was unique. So were the stories behind, opening the world of haute couture in Stockholm just for few days. The exhibition ends on 8 April 2018.


Top from left to right: Pär Engsheden and Cristóbal Balenciaga. Bottom: Bea Szenfeld