The law of attraction

"The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person's life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes"  

I was raised to be open and curious about things and people, and to keep a positive approach to life. Growing up, I understood why. I have learnt how a positive approach and an open mind can open doors and even lead us towards unexpected paths.  

In the last few weeks, I found myself energised and motivated by different people and by engaging in small projects that brought a new energy to the brand.

During September, I had the opportunity to exchange a few ideas with Carlotta Redaelli, an Italian eco-fashion designer and an image consultant. We talked about sustainability and body types, and I was eager to know her thoughts on how to wear a scarf according to body types. We shared these useful tips with my Instagram followers and you are welcome to take part of the unique guide I created here.    

In August, when me and my family were on vacation, I met a passionate entrepreneur, such an inspiring person whose work in different areas brought me closer to my roots, since we are both from Puglia. 

I'm also very grateful that REMEDY Studio in Stockholm is now showing a collection of our scarves in their concept store. I hope my Stockholm friends will have time to check it out.

Blue cashmere scarves and Indian pots

Last but not least , I'm forever grateful to our Creative Director, Ritesh Kumar and deus ex machina -  Alessia, for the amazing job, often with tight deadlines in a situation in India that is still challenging.

As I look forward to many more of these collabs, I invite you to follow us on social media as we are going to introduce our new season's story very soon!