Spring in the air



As mum of two wonderful pre-teen children, a business owner and a fitness addict, I often underestimate the importance of time, the way it simply goes by too quickly.

To make the story short, we are launching today our first spring collection.

Since I was experiencing  WiFi issues at home, where my physical office is,  I decided to spend few hours at Joe & The Juice, one of my favourite free Wi-Fi places. And here I am, ready with the launch on the web store, a smoothie and a protein shake later and possibly a model scouted for the next campaign.

I’m so proud and grateful to the amazing work of my creative director Ritesh Kumar. Throughout my summer holidays I kept sending Ritesh images and impressions, which we used as moodboard for color inspiration. He has captured the vibes and created a wonderful collection.

Unfortunately, I haven’t travelled to India in the past months. Imagine the distance, the so many choices to make during the creative process and the importance of connecting with the people you work.

The launch today would have been impossible without social media and technology, but mainly without our deux ex machina Alessia, the key player in the team. Always ready to make the right choice and give support across the oceans when needed. Anytime, like being in the same time zone.

So, this is a thank you to my fabulous team and an invite to you to check the spring collection images, which I hope will send positive vibes from the Indian and Italian gang.