Let caro hug you

Anticipation continues to build in Stockholm just few days before the launch of our new collection.


Just like in a Space Center before a mission launch, the atmosphere is tense and dazzling at the same time. Final photo sessions are taking place in Delhi and Stockholm and last quality checks are made before taking a long deep breath and launch. We finally made it.  

As I go through my new designs and feel how soft the cashmere is, I do hope to be able to transfer that feeling and to convey what is really behind our brand: the dedication of our small team, the fine skills of our local artisans, the passion for the finest material and the so many steps it takes to create a caro scarf.

With this new collection's campaign, we want to take you on a sensory experience by showing our identity through conceptual images and creative stories. 

And for those who don't know, the word “caro” is Italian for “dear” ….  My vision is for our scarf to hug and make you feel warm and cuddled. Just like a “dear” person would do. 

The New Collection of limited pieces by caro for both men and women will debut online on November 6th.

We invite you to an exclusive preview of our new designs one day prior to the official launch. HOW? 

By attending our online event today, you will enjoy a sneak-peek and learn about the conceptual creation of the new designs. 

Stay tuned and let caro hug you!