Outside your box

“If you do what you’ve always done, you‘ll be where you’ve always been”


Although I don’t know the origin of this quote, what matters is the point it makes. I have moved a lot. Like many who have been moving around, I have experienced challenges and at times felt overwhelmed. While I was leaving much behind me, people, friends and a career, I was creating the most unique experience for myself. I have gained knowledge and met the most amazing people, I have learnt and appreciated diversity by accepting changes in my life and I have reinvented myself, and mostly kept learning new things, including Swedish language, which I’m still struggling with. When I founded caro, I realized I needed all the skills acquired in my previous jobs as much as the exceptional skills gained as full time mum and as traveling spouse.


Multitasking to say the least. I even learnt how to properly slice pineapple during a visit to my cashmere supplier in Delhi. Essential skill when you have a daughter who just like yourself, doesn’t like any trace of skin or eyes on the pineapple slice. Reinventing myself has surely been the key for my personal and professional growth. Nobody is never too qualified to learn a new skill. With the help of professionals and the support of the loved ones in my life, in the past months I have covered various positions in my company: assistant photographer, stylist, social media “expert”, apprentice embroiderer, web designer, writer, purchasing agent, assistant designer and of course a blogger :)…..

By doing what I haven’t always done, today I’m a multitasking proud owner of a small growing venture.


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