The New Collection journey

This year has challenged us on all levels. I cannot say how much we have been waiting for this moment and how grateful I am for all the people who have supported and encouraged me to persevere throughout the year. 

We are carrying on with our signature hand embroideries in this collection of limited pieces inspired by lines, circles and minimal elements of visual design and we continue with our tradition of handwoven cashmere to deliver natural luxury. 

A fresh look in our new collection is given by woodblock printing, a method of printing designs on cashmere using our own hand-carved wood blocks. We hope you will enjoy the motion feeling we wanted to create with the playful patterns in our designs.

The collection offers a contemporary take of these traditional practices and our scarves are truly investment pieces for men and women who not only have a passion for style but also an understanding for fine craftsmanship. 

I would like to say thank you to Ritesh and Alessia in Delhi, for always trusting me with challenging tasks. Their response and positive energy to this year's challenges has been outstanding.    

I hope to be able to share our story and our passion with this collection.

If you are interested in learning more please visit our store, discover our new designs and feel the soft handle of our scarves.

Let caro hug you!