How it started


“Questo business s’ha da fare”*

I’m an Italian fashion entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden. Together with my husband and 2 children we lived in 8 countries and 4 continents. 

I have worked and developed friendships with people with different cultures and I was lucky to learn about their life and values.

As a family, moving across the globe can be very challenging, especially if you are the spouse without a job and a new routine to create. Starting a life from scratch  begins with challenges but ends with so many experiences and memories.

Looking back, those are the pages that created my story, my journey. 

During this journey, I have transformed my passion for fashion into a collection of handmade scarves and the idea behind this blog is to write about what has inspired my business but not only. 

I lived in New Delhi for 3 years, and it was only when I left this incredible country that I decided to found my own fashion label caro. Fashion and India. My vision was to challenge and elevate the general opinion on Indian craftsmanship by creating a collection of handmade scarves of the highest quality and finest materials.

Living in India has made an impact in my life. Everything was connecting to my Southern Italian roots: the people, the colors, the street life and even the food have touched me as a person and have inspired my creativity.

Why a fashion brand? I love fashion accessories. When it comes to fashion and style, being Italian doesn’t make you a style icon by birth. Yes, we have a world-known sense for style, but doesn’t anyone own a personal style?

For me style means being confident in your own clothes and my looks. When I was 12, I wanted my dark brown hair spray-painted in fluorescent yellow and that made me feel confident and stylish.

By following my fashion sense and not trends, I created in the years my own style: I started owning special pieces of clothing that nobody had, I wanted to be unique.

New Delhi is where I met my creative director, Ritesh Kumar. Ritesh is an Indian designer whose designs and amazing tailoring skills I loved instantly. During my work as fund-raiser for a local NGO in Delhi, I met him during the planning of a fashion event. We were in sync from the beginning.
It was only after leaving India that I started daydreaming about a venture, a business venture, a fashion venture, a life venture.

On August 2013 I was chatting to an old friend and told her “Questo business s’ha da fare” This has to work!

Few months later, I was on a plane, destination New Delhi. I couldn’t wait to be back and meet Ritesh again. It was time to turn those dreams into reality.

*Personal interpretation from “ I Promessi Sposi “ by Alessandro Manzoni