Define your own style

“In the lexicon of fashion accessories, scarves possess the unique ability to endure passing trends and define individual style”

- Coco Chanel

I used to look at February as the month before spring. As I grew up in Southern Italy, I felt that spring was only few weeks away, and the expectations were high. It was soon time to think about the seasonal change of my wardrobe. At that time, it was not about buying new clothes, but rather to go through the old ones and perhaps add something new in order to create new outfits.
Sustainable fashion at its best. 

Here in Stockholm, we are still enjoying the full winter season. Snowy and brighter days are indeed a unique and magic experience.  

Whether you are ready or not for the spring, and perhaps still spending a lot of time at home with the different restrictions and lockdowns, this month we want to invite you to a conscious and playful approach to fashion. This is our challenge for you: accessorise rather than buying new clothes.

Consider this an invitation to reintroduce older pieces in your wardrobe with a fresh perspective. For example, bring new life to your outfits by wearing your scarves with an unexpected twist, a different knot and a loop even on a basic t-shirt or a blouse during your online meetings.

"This is our challenge to you: accessorise rather than buying new clothes"

We believe a caro scarf is a timeless piece that you will be able to use season after season, by adding and creating your personal touch to the same outift – again and again. 

We got inspired by the British fashion icon and influencer Trinny Wooodall, and took onboard the perfect Italian gentleman Franco Mazzetti who showed us how to effortlessly wrap yourself in a caro scarf. This resulted in a video on our IGTV, where we did our own take on a scarf style guide, and it engaged so many of you that we decided to create more style guides that are now avaliable to browse and enjoy in our reels

And there is one more reason to not let February go by just as another cold winter month – it is the designated month of love. Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day, it is hard to ignore a perfect reason (or excuse, if you prefer) to get closer to and embrace your special person. Whoever it may be. 

While we wait for the spring, we encourage you to indulge in our collection of comfortably warm and soft cashmere scarves. 


Let caro embrace you ❤️