A sensorial journey

caro's New Collection is also about discovering our Italian and Indian roots.

The choice of visual elements, our own soundtrack, the lighting and the colors are some of the ingredients that combined together create a foretaste of the experience of wearing a caro scarf. 

The choice of the specific settings or elements is done to convey a message or transfer an emotion or simply highlight the beauty of the design.

One of these elements is chilli, a red beautiful spice, very common in India and Southern Italy. Besides being popular for its culinary use and as natural remedy, chilli is also important for superstitious people in both countries. I don't really believe in superstition but I do believe that chillies are beautiful visual elements in the choreography of our Milano and Roma designs.

Clay pots or "matka" are another conceptual element used with the Jaipur and Delhi creative images. Matka are used in India to store water during summers and it is believed that drinking water from a clay pot has amazing health benefits.

If I think of clay pots, I have to tell you about Grottaglie, a town in the province of Taranto, Apulia, in southern Italy. Since the Middle Ages, Grottaglie has survived on making handmade clay pots and ceramics. Strolling around the charming streets of the ceramics district, you will meet hundreds of artisans turn clay into beautiful pots and other works of art. I visited Grottaglie so many times since I was a little girl. Today, many artisans' shops, le botteghe, have turned into modern showrooms and workshops making more contemporary and versatile designs. They do so by using the same traditional techniques used hundreds of years ago. Tradition meets contemporary designs... sounds very familiar with my brand vision. 

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