caro goes to Pitti Uomo

When creativity must deliver seasonal collections, how do we create something new and be consistent to our brand? Where do we get inspired to make a new collection? The process is not as scientific as it might sound. For me traveling, visiting exhibitions, networking have often provided some inspiration.

The year has started with a visit at Pitti Uomo at the Fortezza da Basso, in Florence. It´s one of the world’s most important platforms for men’s clothing and accessories.

This year, Pitti Uomo had a total of around 24,000 buyers and 36,000 visitors.

The fair is also known for launching new projects in men’s fashion and the calendar is full of events, including “Talking Heads” ,where international guests open dialogues on fashion trends or present interesting brands stories.

Walking through Pitti Uomo is like getting lost in a magical maze. The various sections of the fair offer insights into men’s fashion, new projects, trends and collaborations. Among the others, “I GO OUT” displays collections that combine style and performance, function and design ambitions. “I-PLAY” creatively links urban lifestyles with authentic sports outfits. “URBAN PANORAMA” brands blend biker inspiration and ethnic influences. I was very curious to visit “Scandinavian Manifesto”, a section of the fair that brings together a selection of designers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The focus is on sustainable fashion, art and design presented with Nordic taste and atmospheres. As adopted Swedish I had to check this out.

The heart of the fair is the Padiglione Centrale where contemporary classic sartorial collections are displayed in beautiful choreographies: elegance at its best.

The area outside Padiglione Centrale, is like an Italian piazza, a meeting point for elegant gentlemen and influencers as well fashionistas and extravagant personalities. I learnt that this fashion exhibitionism is a signature element at Pitti. Photographers from all over the world line up to catch them in elegant poses, eager to post them on the several Instagram accounts linked to Pitti.

If you look at the details in their outfit, nothing is left to chance: the attention to details and the very personal way of doing so, in my opinion is the essence of fashion.

Needless to say, the networking opportunity within such a crowd are immense: influencers, magazines crews, journalists and fashion buyers in the same place!


      Influencer @fcelentano                                                                                            Me and Simone Guidarelli


At the end of each day, Pitti calendar offers the visitor the opportunity to attend one of more events like exhibitions, concerts, movies and also cocktail parties organised by brands or magazines during the week.

Thanks to my Swedish connections, I decided to attend the party hosted by Plaza Uomo, a prominent Swedish printed men’s journal. Plaza is Pitti Uomo partner since 2001.

The magical atmosphere at the beautiful Palazzo Budini Gattai, a classic example of Florentine architecture of the Renaissance, on the notes of a classic orchestra was the perfect ending to my first time in Pitti.


Time to go back to Stockholm, sad to leave Firenze but lots of ideas that will keep me busy in the coming weeks.

Buon Anno!!!