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Bespoke inspiration

Meeting some of the enthusiastic gentlemen representing Italian label Cesare Attolini, might explain why “Attolini is a synonym of Naples’ tailoring tradition”.

The details in their impeccable tailored outfits and their flamboyant personality, makes it easy to imagine how Neapolitan tailoring broke the rigours of English style in the early 30s. Founder Vincenzo Attolini ”rewrote the rules of the restrictive elegance, with his creative intuition, deep sense of harmony and unparalleled manual skill in cutting fabrics”. He broke new ground in the tailoring world.

Attolini cutting-edge jacket without padding, shoulder pads and linings introduced in the 30s, was considered innovative for many decades to follow.

During a “Made to Measure day” in selected boutiques around the world, Cesare Attolini style ambassadors invite their customers to a very personal fitting experience. Only on appointment.

I was at Gabucci store in Stockholm during one of these events, officially representing my husband but also taking the chance to learn and discover the Neapolitan fabrics and styles. Over an Italian Aperitivo, customers are presented with the latest fabric lookbooks before being invited to the fitting session.

I´m very inspired by brands like Cesare Attolini, with a long history of craftsmanship who also offers a unique experience with the customer, the leading actor of the making process.

I have chosen the same elegant store in Stockholm as location for my menswear campaign this autumn. Our special model was Patrik Andersson, former Swedish soccer player who kindly and elegantly posed with a range of caro scarves.

In small-scale, also the making of caro scarves requires the dedication and the skills of artisans through an entirely handmade process using the finest quality of cashmere, which is what makes them timeless and durable.

To view caro campaign at Gabucci store, please visit our gallery.