Bargains at the beach



Sitting on the beach, I watch my son amazed by the endless bargain opportunities you are offered here in Puglia, an ordinary day in 35 degrees hot. 

Luxury brands being sold at bargain prices. He thinks it’s great. I’m explaining that we must respect what’s behind a brand, the creative people, the investors, the research involved, the efforts and time it takes to build and sustain a brand. We must respect the work and legacy of other people and oppose the counterfeiting.

Of course, this is all very theoretical to a 13 year old boy.

When I explain and remind him of what I do, the effort in building my brand, he clears his head about what it means and why it must be protected:  time, sharing your passion and vision are key elements that can hardly be monetised.

In my case, building caro’s brand is a continuous process with many aspects to think of and that are necessary to be able to transform our vision into a product.


Like for many, behind our brand there’s an unique story and the work of people whose unique contribution is essential to the brand own life.  That cannot be copied.